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Why spend $9-99 a month when you can buy Pancake once and use it forever!

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Easy to use tools designed to free up your time!

Online Invoicing

Invoice clients with ease and get back to doing something awesome! Quickly convert tracked time and completed tasks into invoices with one click.

Pancake makes it simple and easy to get paid fast!

Get paid online using Stripe, PayPal and right out of the box!

Project Management

Generally Project Management is probably the least interesting part of your day, but Pancake does a great job of making it quick and easy. You won't stress over complex systems, just simple milestones, tasks and time tracking, which can be turned into invoices with one click!

Task management

Quickly make tasks and sub tasks, start the timers and never miss a billable hour again! Pancake makes sure that every tracked hour is accounted for.

Easily create processes for your projects so tasks are not forgotten and mistakes are eliminated.

Time tracking

You might tell yourself you'll remember how much time you've spent, or you might have a whole application specifically for time tracking, or even use a dashboard widget...

Stop all of that and use Pancake's crazy-simple timer, built right in!

File Delivery

Everyone can use some muscle! Why sit around waiting for your client to pay, just so you can email them files. When they pay... Pancake will deliver the files for you! It's like a nicer, friendlier file hostage situation.


Win new business like a super hero! Pancake Proposals allows you to create awesome, gorgeous proposals swiftly and without hassle. Your client can view the proposal online and download a PDF of the proposal, accept it on the spot and get on with it!

Client Access

Clients can be crazy and needy, we get that! Through a simple interface you can interact with your clients, show progress and hours logged on tasks, share files for approval, brainstorm ideas as well as allow them to view all their invoices and proposals. Pancake makes CRM easy!

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